Hardwood Flooring: Why Not?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable floor options that comes with an inherent beauty. Hardwood is a known material that has excellent long-wearing abilities making it a perfect choice for the interior flooring of homes and the office to give that natural rustic look. Most homeowners prefer it because it is tough enough to put up with high traffic, the kids, and family pets. Furthermore, most hardwood floors are an easy clean.

hardwood-flooring1 However, in as much as the flooring can outlast many other options, there need to give the floor a facelift is somewhat inevitable. The floors, just like any other type, scum to the high traffic and lose their luster over time. Remodeling hardwood floors is the most efficient way of giving the floor a new and refreshing look. Click here for remodeling tips. Below are also some tips that you might consider to transform that hardwood flooring.

Refinish and painting the floors
Refinishing the surface of the hardwood floor is relatively inevitable because its need and degree will depend on the condition of the wood panels based on various factors such a level of traffic, type of damage, dirt, stains, and debris. All the mentioned factors affect the quality of the wood. Refinishing helps to get rid of the different imperfections on the hardwood floor. A common refinishing process will include sanding to get rid of the imperfections and stain followed by staining with a desired style and color.

About styling, the choice of flooring paint can add a shabby or chic touch to add to the existing style of the home. A safe move would be opting to work with professional painting options such as those done in khaki, ivory, or cream hues. Translucent colors that have a glossy finish or slightly dark colored varnish can also aid to give the flooring some touch of color. The most important factors to consider when opting to remodel by doing some painting is to have a well-sanded floor to have a smooth surface as well as to work with high-quality paint that have excellent resistance to water and high traffic.

Adding baseboards for more volume and function
hardwood-flooring2Hardwood flooring might be a nice way of giving your home a natural or rustic look; durable yes, but not indestructible. Adding new floor boards is at times an open remodeling option, especially in the case where some of the wood panels are very worn out. Sometimes, a quick solution to such issues would be installing new baseboards; they can even be a great way of adding some new styling elements to the remodeling.

The baseboards minimize the use of doing narrow trims on the boards that at times look flimsy and give it a cheap look.  People associate hardwood floors with high-end interior design, so why do something that makes your flooring look cheap! Instead of doing the thin trims, use baseboards that will lead to wider molding. Work with boards that are around 4inches tall and prime and paint them before installing to give them a look that compliments the hardwood floors.

Coating the floor with Cork or Laminate Overlay
Sometimes, refinish is not a feasible option for remodeling hardwood flooring. It will, nonetheless, be a necessary measure to giving the hardwood floor a facelift; just coat the floor with cork or laminate overlay. Most flooring experts refer to it as a floating floor. The best bit about using a cork or laminate flooring over the hardwood is that it is a remodeling process that will see little damage or change done directly to the wood panels.

It is easy to install, needs to glue or nails or removal of the existing flooring. The overlay is exceptionally robust able to withstand high-traffic and common flooring wear and tear, but that is not to say that it is indestructible.  Overlaying the hardwood flooring with the laminate or cork flooring does not give the floor any new direct changes because most of the overlays are designed to have the natural hardwood look. Replacement of the overlay when it is worn out is also easy with a minimal downtime.

Expert Advice:

In as much as hardwood remodeling is something that anyone with basic woodwork skills can accomplish, it is not a task that ever DIY enthusiast can handle. Often, it is better to call in the experts to come and handle the remodeling just to ensure that the job does not only look chic but is durable.