Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a particular hallmark of our line of specialty products. Our family business has been involved in the manufacture or distribution of oak flooring for over 60 years! Today, we offer a wide array of products and species from managed forests, both domestic and worldwide. Whatever your taste and desire for wood flooring we can supply it for you!

wood flooringSo you want a unique floor, which is easy to maintain, and will look great for years to come? You want a wood floor! Rawles-Aden has a floor for every room in your home! There are more styles, choices, colors and finishes available than ever before. You can choose from solid wood flooring prefinished or unfinished, which is nailed to the subfloor on the ground level or above. Laminated wood flooring consists of layers of wood pressed together. It is the choice in below grade applications or in kitchens or bathrooms where solid flooring would not be suitable. The cross-grain lamination of the layers of a laminate floor renders it more dimensionally stable than solid wood products.